Walk to help to two kidney charities

A walk will raise cash to help people with kidney problems and awareness of the need for more organ donors.

Scott Fairbrass, who is recovering from a kidney transplant, and friends have organised the walk from the Carleton pub in Pontefract on Sunday, July 26.

Mr Fairbrass, 31, suffered a kidney failure when he was 24, and has been on the list for a transplant ever since.

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After his condition worsened, Mr Fairbrass was told he had around six months before he would have to start going to hospital for dialysis three times a week.

Tests were carried out and his friend Lee Scott was found to be an almost perfect match.

But then a deceased donor was found and the transplant operation was carried out five weeks ago.

Electrician Mr Fairbrass, of Normanton, said: “I’m back on my feet now and walking again.

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“I was getting more and more poorly and had to stop work. I couldn’t physically lift myself up.”

Cash will be raised for Kidney Research UK and Jo’s Dreams, a charity which provides treats and days out for people living with kidney failure.

Mr Fairbrass said: “The charity sent me and family to Disneyland Paris eight weeks ago.”

On the walk leaflets will be given out inviting people to be organ donors.

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Mr Fairbrass said that because he had a previous transplant which failed, it is even harder to find a donor because the body builds up anti-bodies which can reject a new organ.

He said: “For me the transplant came in a relatively short time but some people are on the list for 20 years.

“It takes two minutes to register but it can give somebody a better life for years.”