Walton Calling - school’s new video inspired by The Clash’s guitarist Mick Jones

Walton Primary School pupils have brought their school to life through song, dance and creativity in a special new video.

The idea for the school, on The Grove, was inspired by The Clash’s Mick Jones.

Walton Primary School screenshot

Walton Primary School screenshot

Headteacher David Dickinson said: “The love of learning, music, challenge and everyday life is at the heart of everything we do at Walton Primary.

“We feel that our school is a special place and we wanted to reflect this in our video.

“Ofsted inspectors recently judged our children to be outstanding and commented on their thirst for learning.

“The words for the song were written by the children as an adaptation of a Mick Jones’ song Carbon Silicon and the majority of the instruments were played by the children too.

“We were kindly helped with recording by parents Mr and Mrs Vizard and Shane Poole who volunteered to lend us a hand in creating what we believe is a very special video.”