‘Waste site is causing a big stink in town’

Coun Michelle Collins outside the Shanks waste plant.
Coun Michelle Collins outside the Shanks waste plant.

A “nasty stench” from the district’s main waste plant has plagued a town for more than a week.

Disgruntled residents living close to the Shanks waste site in South Kirkby have complained about a rotten smell coming from the rubbish plant.

South Elmsall and South Kirkby councillor Michelle Collins said: “I have been contacted by a number of residents who were concerned about what can only be described as an awful smell coming from the waste recycling plant. Let me start by saying it’s not okay.

“I’ve complained and spoken to everyone I can about it. I’m speaking to Shanks about how they can sort it out, make sure it never happens again and communicate better so people know what’s going on.”

Environmental campaigner Paul Dainton said there should be no smells outside the plant.

He said: “People should not be able to discern that the waste site is even there from the outside so I am bitterly disappointed to hear that people are complaining about a stench there.

“The specifications said that the site would be enclosed and there would be no smell from outside the building at all.”

Shanks said the foul odours were harmless but apologised for any “inconvenience” caused.

A spokesman said: “Shanks has been carrying out routine testing as part of the commissioning of its Anaerobic Design facility - which treats organic waste. This has resulted in temporary releases of harmless pasteurised odours from the organic waste.

“Shanks is working with the Environment Agency and Wakefield Council to eradicate the odour and to learn lessons to improve ongoing odour monitoring.”