‘We have more potholes than road’ says estate resident

Melanie Morse with one of the potholes on her street.
Melanie Morse with one of the potholes on her street.

Potholes are blighting the lives of drivers living on an estate.

The roads around the Westwood estate in Cutsyke are peppered with divots and resident Melanie Morse says that there are ‘more holes than road’.

She also says Wakefield Council is not doing enough to resolve the issue.

Ms Morse says little work has been carried out to repair the asphalt left broken up by the freezing winter temperatures.

She said her old car was left with a damaged tyre which she is blaming on the road surface.

And having now forked out for a new car, a Hyundai I30, she fears she could end up with a repair bill unless the roads are patched up soon.

She said calls were made to the council in October, before the winter set in, and residents were told that the area was on a list of roads that needed repairing.

Council workers even came out to mark the potholes with paint ready to be filled in, but no work has been carried out and the paint has now washed away.

Ms Morse said: “Nothing has been done and we’ve been told it could be sometime in the next year.

“We expected something to have been done by now.

“Some potholes are the whole width of the road and you just can’t avoid them, there’s so many.

“You just have to go slowly but it’s ridiculous. You can damage your tyres and your wheels.

“The weather has made them bigger and deeper, and there’s more popping up week after week.”

Neil Rodgers, service director for planning, transportation and highways at Wakefield Council, says work was started in November, but had to be abandoned due to the cold.

He says the job is now back on track, adding: “Work is already taking place on Westwood Road and should be completed by next month.

“It started again at the beginning of February and will continue until completed.”