Here's when the hottest day of the year will hit Wakefield this week

A sizzling forecast lies ahead for Wakefield this weekend.
A sizzling forecast lies ahead for Wakefield this weekend.

A sizzling forecast lies ahead for Wakefield this weekend.

The Met Office is predicting the hottest day of the year so far for Wakefield - 27°.

Warmer weather is predicted later today with the sun promising to make a welcome appearance and highs of 21°.

But it's Saturday when the sunshine will really hit , with temperatures hitting a heatwave-level of 27°.

Sunshine will start at 10am on Saturday and stay bright and warm until 7pm.

Sunday will be a milder 20 degrees.

Those with hayfever are being warned that pollen levels will also be HIGH.

The Met Office forecast in full:


Dry and sunny for most areas through Thursday. A cloudy start for some. Warmer than yesterday inland with light winds. Maximum temperature 21 °C.


Turning generally cloudy for most areas and across higher ground of the Pennines and North York Moors some mist and fog may develop for a time. Winds remaining light. Minimum temperature 10 °C.


Friday starting mainly cloudy, but brightening up to give some afternoon sunshine, especially away from coastal areas. Southeasterly winds freshening near coasts. Maximum temperature 22 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Saturday hot and sunny with a possible shower later. Cooler on Sunday and Monday with a noticeable breeze developing and there may be a few showers, these mostly light.

Next week:

By Monday, fresher and less warm weather will spread to all areas. The north of the UK will probably be rather wet and windy. Winds and rain will probably ease on Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of the UK is likely to have some warm sunshine on those days, though it is not expected to be as warm as this week. Over the following days, the most likely scenario is for mainly dry, bright and warm weather to continue though there is no special signal for particularly hot temperatures. Early morning mist or short-lived wetter and windier weather are also likely at times.