Weird, wonderful web

Each week we bring you the most weird and wonderful stories from our websites and beyond to bring a smile to your face in time for the weekend.

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

You know how it is. One minute you’re having a drink with your mates, the next you’re naked and asking people if they’ve seen Jimi Hendrix. Click here

Regional accents eh, they’re a minefield. Especially if the speaker is from Bradford: Click here

What a bummer... a rugby league player sued his club after being sacked. His alleged crime? Posting a picture of a team-mate’s backside on Twitter! Click here

At last! Superman has ditched the pants-over-tights look that never really did catch on. Click here

Cool it, little guys! At least these penguins are beating the heatwave. Click here

I saw a mouse...where? There on the stair – scoffing a whole chicken. This cheeky rodent swapped cheese for chicken - and didn’t half pile on the pounds. Best start feeding the cat raw steak... Click here

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