West Yorkshire Police responds to Channel 4 criticism over crime investigations

West Yorkshire Police's new Assistant Chief Constable, Tim Kingsman.
West Yorkshire Police's new Assistant Chief Constable, Tim Kingsman.

West Yorkshire Police has responded to a TV programme ahead of its screening this evening about forces failing to investigate crimes.

Channel 4’s Dispatches, which will be shown tonight at 8pm, will speak to victims who say the police have failed to fully investigate the crimes they have reported, or not at all.

These include violent attacks, burglaries, theft and vandalism.

But West Yorkshire Police have been quick to respond, with Assistant Chief Constable Tim Kingsman saying: “West Yorkshire Police treats all reports of crime very seriously.

“Every crime reported is investigated - it must be stressed that all crime gets a primary investigation either by a police officer attending in person, or over the telephone by trained officers or police staff.

“However like every other force we have limited resources, an increasing demand for our services and more complex challenges to deal with.

“We have to focus our efforts appropriately to ensure we are both effective and efficient.

“We do not have targets but given our limited resources we do prioritise our response and ensure where there are investigative opportunities we pursue them as far as we can.”

He added that each individual report is assessed using the THRIVE model - Threat, Harm, Risk, Investigation opportunities, Vulnerability and Engagement.

The risk assessment tool determines what action can be taken the amount of resources that can be afforded to it.