White Easter: Beaster of Easter set to bring snow and sub-zero temperatures

Is snow coming back?Is snow coming back?
Is snow coming back?
Advanced weather forecasts are predicting more snow over the long Easter weekend.

Dubbed the Beaster of Easter, cold air coming from the north is set to bring with it another bout of the white stuff.

And coupled with snow, some forecasters are now predicting that temperatures could drop into minus double figures.

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Meteorologist Aidan McGivern of the Met Office said: “A best guess for the mid to late part of next week is that temperatures will take a downturn again.

“We’ll see a mixture of sunshine and showers and there will be snowfall - particularly over northern hills.

“That’s the most likely scenario as we head into the Easter weekend - winds generally from the north and of course that will mean colder than average temperatures as we head into Good Friday and into Saturday.

“With those colder than average temperatures we will see showers and those showers will be wintry, with a mixture of rain, sleet and snow, particularly in the north - but not exclusively.”

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