Why you might see Northern Lights over Yorkshire's night sky this week

The chances of spotting the Aurora Borealis above Yorkshire should increase over the next few days, according to weather experts.

Wednesday, 26th October 2016, 3:59 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th October 2016, 4:45 pm
The Northern Lights

According to the British Geological Survey, elevated geomagnetic activity caused by a high-speed solar wind will take place over the next few days.

The aurora occurs when the solar wind - a stream of charged particles escaping the Sun - interact with the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field.

The wind stream is caused by a ‘coronal hole’ which has rotated round the sun to face the earth.

The previous two occurrences of this coronal hole have resulted in enhanced geomagnetic activity, although in the UK sightings of the Northern Lights were restricted by cloud cover.

However, aurora experts are hopeful that clear, dark skies may increase the chances of seeing the aurora, particularly in northern England.