Woman rescued from river in Castleford

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Library picture

A woman was rescued from a river in Castleford last night (Sunday).

Crews from Castleford, Normanton, Rothwell, Wakefield and Leeds were called to Wheldon Road at around 11pm.

Daryl Schofield, watch commander at Castleford, said: “We could hear shouting and cries from a woman, so we started running through the park and came across some clothes that had been discarded.

“We were running down, trying to find where she was.”

Crews had to break into the old Hickson and Welch chemical site to reach the woman, who was stranded in the shallow water of the river in a distressed state.

She was rescued using a short extension ladder and taken to hospital by ambulance.

The police helicopter was also scrambled to assist with the rescue effort.

Daryl Schofield thanked crew commander Neil Burkenshore for his hard work at the scene.