Workers at Pinderfields Hospital walk out on strike

Pinderfields Hospital
Pinderfields Hospital

Radiographers at Wakefield’s Pinderfields Hospital have walked out on strike in a dispute over pay.

Members of the Society of Radiographers will remain on strike until 1pm this afternoon (Monday) after the government announced a pay freeze.

Emergency and urgent care will continue to be provided but pre-booked appointments and procedures may be affected.

Richard Evans, the society’s chief executive officer, said: “This is the first time since 1982 that radiographers have gone on strike over pay and there is the possibility of more action in the future.

“The anger that they and other NHS workers feel is very strong.”

Action short of a strike will continue for the rest of the week. Workers will continue to work only their contracted hours until Friday.

Mr Evans said: “The last thing that radiographers want is to hurt the people that they serve. Steps have been taken to minimise the impact on patients. This disagreement between NHS staff and the government has been going on for a long time and radiographers have lost patience with an employer that they feel does not value the hard work that they do.”

David Melia, director of patient and staff engagement at Mid Yorkshire NHS Hospitals Trust, said: “We are working hard to put in place a number of plans to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. The Trust’s primary concern is to ensure continuity of patient care and safety whilst operating with reduced staffing levels and fully respecting the rights of individuals to choose either to participate in industrial action or to choose to work normally.

“The Trust has been working with the union to ensure next week’s strike could go ahead whilst minimising disruption to patients and not compromising essential services. Work is presently being undertaken to reschedule patients, review waiting lists and address other key areas.

“In affected areas, we are contacting patients to let them know and will make every effort to rearrange as soon as possible.”