X-Factor audition was heavily edited, says Wakefield's Ariel Burdett

SHE has become an overnight internet sensation after failing to wow the judges on The X-Factor - but Ariel Burdett says show chiefs cut out a lot of it.

Hundreds of thousands of people have logged onto internet site YouTube to see former Horbury School pupil Ariel Burdett's performance on the Saturday ITV show.

But the 26-year-old holistic vocal coach was instantly disliked by the judges.

She took off her contestant number and told the panel, made up of music moguls Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh, and singers Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue, she was "not a number but a person".

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After arguing her case, Miss Burdett was escorted out of the audition by the show's security guard.

After the show, she told the Express: "It was all a big wind-up. At first I went on for a bit of a giggle but then thought I could make a bit more out of it. I thought you have to be in the system to abuse it.

"None of the production staff knew what was going on but they did encourage me to say something to the judges.

"It was heavily edited and the real version would have been a lot more embarrassing for the judges."

Miss Burdett, who was formerly known as Amy, charges 30 an hour for holistic vocal coaching, which she said takes into account a peron's body, energy and emotions.

Miss Burdett isn't the first Wakefield act to cause a stir on the show.

In August 2005 clubland duo Spirit and Destiny, Normanton's Michael Richards and partner Della Louise, had to be escorted out of the audition room by security guards after judges refused to put them through to the next round.

The pair went on to perform on TV shows Calendar and GMTV before returning to their clubland roots.

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