Yobs attacking passing cars as part of dangerous new craze

Yobs who hurl objects at passing cars as part of a dangerous new craze are being warned they will feel the full force of the law as police vow to clamp down on offenders.

Friday, 18th January 2019, 11:10 am
Updated Friday, 18th January 2019, 12:14 pm

At least five reports from the last month are being investigated after motorists complained about their vehicles being hit by eggs, stones and even bricks.

One one occasion a motorist was assaulted when they got out to confront the teenagers.

Angry drivers have taken to Facebook after incidents on the new Wakefield Eastern Relief Road (WERR), now known as Neil Fox Way.

Youngsters are reportedly throwing objects at passing cars as part of a new craze.

The latest incident happened at around 2.20am on Tuesday when a brick was thrown at a car, cracking the windscreen.

Driver Kelly Grayson, who lives in Fitzwilliam, had been heading home from work when she slowed to avoid a tree that had been purposely placed in the road.

It was then that the brick was thrown.

Badly shaken by the incident, she contacted the police.

She told the Express: “It was a very scary ordeal. It was no coincidence that someone had pulled out a tree to obstruct the road. It doesn’t make me angry its just disappointing that this is happening to so many people.”

Acting Inspector Gary Hobson of Wakefield North East and Rural NPT, said: “We are investigating recent incidents on the Wakefield Eastern Relief Road between late December and January where items have been thrown at vehicles causing damage. We are also aware of an instance where an assault has taken place, resulting in the victim receiving minor injuries after challenging those responsible.

“These are clearly frightening and concerning experiences for drivers and passengers and we condemn the dangerous and stupid behaviour of those involved.

“Officers are pursuing enquiries in relation to all incidents and we are working with Wakefield Council regarding the issue.”

Reports are also coming in of cars being targeted in other areas, including Horbury, and police are seeking witness statements or anyone with dashcam footage.

Call 101 referencing crime number 13190027166.