Yobs launched brick attack on ambulance

Thugs launched a brick attack on an ambulance that was carrying a disabled 90-year-old woman home from hospital.

Thursday, 10th March 2016, 5:33 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th March 2016, 5:36 pm

Partially-sighted Margaret Corrigan was left shaken after a window was smashed on the vehicle that was taking her home from an eye appointment at Dewsbury hospital.

Mrs Corrigan and the non-emergency Patient Transport Service (PTS) driver were not harmed during the attack on Halifax Road.

But Mrs Corrigan’s daughter Ann Kolter said: “What a moron – who in their right minds would lob something at an ambulance? Mum didn’t see anything but she did say there were quite a few kids around.

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“Many, many years ago my late husband had a similar thing happen in Belgium and ended up being an amputee.

“It’s scary thinking about what could have happened.”

Luckily the driver had sat Mrs Corrigan, who is house-bound due to severe arthritis, on a seat just behind him – which was one seat away from the smashed window.

“Had she been on next seat the brick or glass would’ve hit her and could have seriously injured her or even worse.

“If it had hit the driver’s window he could’ve been hurt, killed or caused him to smash the ambulance,” said Mrs Kolter, of Old Bank Road in Mirfield.

After the incident at 3.50pm on Friday, February 26, the ambulance driver went to nearby Dewsbury Ambulance Station where a new vehicle was provided to take Mrs Corrigan back to her home in Ossett.

Managing director of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service’s PTS Chris Dexter said: “We were very shocked to learn of this senseless act of vandalism which could so easily have caused serious injury to patients and staff, as well as other road users.”