Yorkshire Terrier Charlie is back on his feet after life saving surgery

Yorkshire Terrier puppy Charlie
Yorkshire Terrier puppy Charlie

A puppy was given a second chance at life after undergoing complex heart surgery.

A scan confirmed Yorkshire terrier Charlie, , was born with a heart defect and was found to have a serious heart murmur.

Chantry Vets in Wakefield

Chantry Vets in Wakefield

He was referred to Chantry Vets on Batley Road, Wakefield, in October where the life-saving operation was performed.

The successful procedure means Charlie can now lead a full, happy and normal life with his family.

His owner Emily Lockwood, of Toll Bar Road, Castleford, got Charlie for her 18th birthday.

She said: “As soon as I saw him I fell in love with him straight away.

“He is really cheeky and goes everywhere with me.

“I was so upset when I found out he had a heart murmur but said I would pay whatever it cost to get him the treatment.”

A scan confirmed Charlie, who is now five months old, was born with the heart condition patent ductus arteriosis (PDA).

A common heart defect among dogs, it causes blood to be shunted abnormally through the heart.

If left untreated it can lead to irregular heart rhythms and can be fatal.

Chantry Vets practice manager Victoria Lee said: “We were all thrilled to see Charlie making an excellent recovery after the procedure.

“The surgery was very complex and was made even more difficult due to Charlie’s diminutive size.

“The anaesthesia for this procedure was also complicated and Charlie required state of the art monitoring.”

Miss Lockwood said: “I am so happy to have him home and I cannot thank the vets enough for what they have done.”

The surgery was performed by senior vets Paul Harris and Robert Janiak.