Bullring is a nightmare for all

Just bought the express today and it has finally prompted me to write to you about the state of the traffic flow in Wakefield.

It has surprised me that it has taken 4 years for you to raise the state of the Bullring as an issue,

This all stems from the attempt to reduce traffic congestion in the centre of Wakefield in 2010 which resulted in MORE traffic congestion and forcing more traffic through the centre and the bull ring, to call it “pedestrianisation” is actually incorrect as this suggest NO traffic.

The Bullring is dangerous for the able bodied too. The lack of kerb means that traffic can cut the corners and go very close to pedestrians.

My opinion is that they had an opportunity in 2010 to take more traffic away from the city centre, but making places like Drury Lane and Rishworth Street one way meant that more traffic is forced to go through the centre.

This issue is only one of a series of nonsensical decisions that have had a negative impact on traffic flow in Wakefield for example

Closure of Back Lane and changes to Drury lane (took traffic away from city centre).

Only one lane from Ings road onto Dewsbury Road.

Only one lane from Dewsbury Road onto Ings Road.

Wentworth Terrace, once a quiet tree lined street turned into a dangerous road.

The proliferation of traffic lights on Marsh Way and lack of synchronisation (five years ago there were approx 5/6 sets of lights down Marsh Way from St John’s North to the bus depot, now there are a dozen or more) and unless you break the speed limit a good majority change to red as you approach.

Right turn into Newstead Road off Wentworth St, blocks the whole of the area at rush hour and forces more traffic down Northgate which is clogged because of the bus lane.

No “refuge island” on crossing from Lightwaves to Bus Station, This hazard will only probably be address when someone is seriously injured.

Reduced phase of Lights for traffic heading out of Wakefield at Newton Bar and poor sequencing of lights along Northagte / Leeds Road.

Poor traffic flow and traffic light phases over Chantry Bridge.

I have also experienced the horrendous bottleneck at Agbrigg Road and Heath Common (the sooner the relief road to Aberford Road is built the better).

There are countless others that I could mention and very little I can think of which makes it better.

It is driving people away, look at the number of empty shops, lack of affordable parking.

Mark Brown

Wakefield (address supplied)