Council has its priorities wrong

I feel compelled to write regarding the announcement of massive cuts to the council budget and the proposed regeneration planned during the cuts.

Firstly I was amazed that the council and its leader Mr Box had purchased the police station on Wood Street and the derelict Crown Court building. What on earth gives them the right to use the taxpayers money to dabble in the property market. How many people living in Wakefield, working and paying their council tax actually care for the Civic Quarter, the proposed offices and a four star hotel.

I would have thought that the Merchant Gate office complex opposite Westgate railway station which are all still empty would have given Lord Box and his Boxettes a clue.

I don’t want a Civic Quarter, I want decent roads, decent schooling for my grandchildren, decent facilities for us all to enjoy, decent care for the elderly, clean streets, my bin emptying every week, roads and paths swept and gritted. I wholeheartedly disagree with the comment that regeneration is the way to recovery. I have no political affiliation to any party, but I sincerely hope the local elections in May give people the opportunity to rid Wakefield of the ruling Labour councillors and replace them with people who actually care about the people they are supposed to represent and care for, irrespective of the political party they represent.

Soren Johnston

Cliff Street