Council has priorities right

In reply to Denise Jeffery’s letter of 13-2-15

I am delighted to hear that the council have got their priorities right. Efforts to improve Kirkgate and Wood St in particular are welcomed by most around Wakefield adding, as they do, to the great work undertaken in The Bullring, at the new Wakefield One, Trinity Walk and Westgate areas.

I would also strongly suggest that those ‘right’ priorities will reflect the will of the people of Wakefield who so strongly supported the development of the old Newmarket Colliery site on the strength of there being a new Community Stadium and a new and bright future for professional and amateur sport in Wakefield.

Whilst the debate rumbles on over the potential site for such a facility - between a new facility at Newmarket itself or in the form of a re-developed Belle Vue, it remains a fact that the onus for provision of the substantial element of funding falls on the developer of the Newmarket site - Yorkcourt Properties.

As I now sit on the board of the Wakefield and District Community Trust (due to receive the Stadium on completion) I am now more aware than ever that this stadium, on either site, cannot and will not happen without the efforts of Wakefield Council in ensuring its delivery. Only they can ensure that justice is done, and seen to be done, and that the deal - a Community Stadium in return for mass support for a substantial development on Green-belt land - is finally completed.

In this respect, and with elections not very far away, it would seem that this most compelling of issues should remain very firmly at the top of any priorities list and that every effort will be made to ensure that any progress made in developing the Newmarket site results in funding being made available for the Stadium for the City of Wakefield ! Let us hope that we are right!

Phil Townsend

Spokesman for SWAG - Stadium Wakefield Action Group