Council must get Pugneys financially fit

In response to the letter from Barbara Lloyd last week I can assure you that Pugneys is not a scapegoat.

There is absolutely no doubt that nearly every service we provide will be affected in some way by the government’s cuts to our budget.

We have already had to cut £65m from our budget. This year we are having to save another £23m and next year a massive £38m.

These cuts are unprecedented and the effects will be felt almost everywhere.

It is in consideration of the citizens of Wakefield that we are making the changes to Pugneys.

Without these changes we cannot afford to continue to run Pugneys.

We must get Pugneys financially fit - we can no longer spend £260k every year to subsidise it.

Our plan to increase parking charges will be in line with other similar country parks offering water sports. We will do our very best to ensure the charges are kept as low as possible and will consider any ways that we can make it cheaper for regular users.

Coun Les Shaw

Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport