Don’t let city become sporting wilderness

How wonderful to have a stage of the cycling Grand tour of Yorkshire starting in Wakefield. Such sporting events are prestigious putting towns on the map, generating excitement and of course stimulating the economy. It is with that thought in mind I am left wondering why we are apparently going to allow an opportunity to host many more events like this in Wakefield to be lost. I refer of course to the Community stadium planned in Newmarket, to be built for the benefit of all Wakefield’s aspiring sports people. I see from the Express that this is due to a row over who is responsible for the failure to build it. I do not know who is responsible, what I do know is that we have already lost a rugby union team, a semi- professional football team and now appear to be about to lose our iconic super league side all for the want of a new ground in which the latter would be anchor tenant. My understanding is that the secretary of state has agreed this and the plans have stalled at local level. I would say simply this that the people of Wakefield deserve better and it is time all parties got together and resolved this. If they cannot then the reasons why should be made clear and transparent for all to see. Wakefield is a large town deserving of sporting representation and everyone should be shouting from the roof tops ‘Where is our community stadium’. If we do not Wakefield will become a sporting wilderness.

Chris Niven

Ingswell drive