Excellent care from hospital

My mum who is 97 had to go to the A& E department at Pinderfields Hospital suffering from double pneumonia.

The ambulance was quick and the paramedics efficient and very pleasant. No, she didn’t have to wait on a trolley in a corridor, she was seen to immediately by doctors and nurses.

And as soon as a bed was available she was taken to a ward where she was put to bed and made comfortable.

I was informed that she was very poorly and may not pull through but they would do their best.

They certainly did, 12 days later she was discharged.

The care she received was excellent from all the staff.

Mum doesn’t remember being in as she suffers from dementia but I am certainly very grateful for the care she received.

What is the point of this letter? Well we only read about ambulances being late, people lying on stretchers for hours, dirty wards (Pinderfields is pristine) and unpleasant staff.

There must be thousands of people who have been in the same position as my mum but we don’t hear about it. Well now you have!

Gail Rogers

First Avenue