Media coverage and management of the General Election 2015 has albeit for one day only,focused on the issue of Zero Hours Contracts.

The parties showed no discernible difference on the substance of the issue itself,which was hardly surprising albeit that various of their leading stooges affirmed that THEY would have difficulty in trying to live on a zero hours contract.

To reiterate the barebones facts which even Labour and Tory and Liberal do not contest.

The Office of National Statistics shows that workers on Zero Hours Contracts work on average only 23 hours per week,as indeed has been my own experience these past two years. A total of 58 per cent of workers on Zero Hours Contracts have been with their current employer for more than a year,and being offered a measly one or two shifts per week is not uncommon.. It is estimated that there are now some 1.8 million contracts in the UK that do not guarantee any hours-with as many as one in seven jobs now zero hours. It is no surprise therefore that in spite of more people in work,the UK’s Gross Domestic Product is still below the level it was at immediately prior to the Banking Crisis of 2007. All Zero Hours contracts are exploitative ,abolition is the only sensible response.

Louis Kasatkin

Pinderfields Road