Frustrated at city centre layout

I completely agree with the comments of Nick Shields and Mel Henshall in the last two issues, they are of the same opinion as most of the other road users in Wakefield.

I also defy Andrew Wallhead to tell me how to get from Smyth Street to Bond Street without going through the city centre. You can only turn right onto Westgate from Smyth Street then proceed to the lights at Wood Street, or Dead Street as it should now be called due to the empty shops and lack of traffic caused by the council’s wonderful lack of traffic management.

Now the choice is either (a) turn left onto Wood Steet then left again onto Cliff Parade going down to the bottom to Mulberry Way and follow it round up to Bond Street or (b) continue into the Bullring, turn left onto Northgate then left onto Rishworth Street, right onto Laburnum Road, left onto Wentworth Terrace and left onto Bond Street.

What a palaver and waste of fuel! It would be far easier, and avoid the centre, if we could turn left from Smyth Street onto Westgate then right onto Mulberry Way.

Simple, but too simple for Wakefield Council to work out!

And why not allow traffic to drive from Wood Street across the front of County Hall to Bond Street? A far shorter distance. Even the old system where we drove around the back of County Hall was much simpler.

I could go on about all sorts of stupid, thoughtless decisions taken by the highways department but it would take up all of the letters page. I would even offer my services free of charge to show them where they have gone wrong but I doubt if they would accept.

I suspect that I and many others are going to be frustrated motorists for a lot longer.

Dennis Nicoll

Broadcroft Chase