Government’s litter strategy

Following my letter to the Express (March 13) about litter and fly-tipping I was pleased to read that the House of Commons Communities and Local Government select committee published a report on this subject on 14 March.

The report is the first major attempt by central government to look into the scale of the problem and put forward recommendations for action

I have studied the report which is available on the government web site at: www.parliamentuk/clg

I am not surprised the committee accuses the government of displaying ‘a lack of vigour, if not complacency’ over the past decade in relation to litter.

Importantly the report recommends that the Government create a national litter strategy for England with a clear framework for action, underpinned with a co-ordinating role for local council’s within their respective area.

The keep Britain Tidy Chief executive Phil Barton has responded to the report saying: “Many organisations are working to tackle litter - charities, community organisations, local authorities , businesses , but what is lacking is leadership and funding .Only the government can give this leadership and funding. We are delighted the select committee has recognised this and we hope that the next Government will heed this call and introduce a national strategy that will give everyone a framework within which to work.”

Obviously no single organisation can deal with the blight of litter alone. We need all sections of the community working together to bring about a major behaviour change.

I hope members of Wakefield Council study the select committee report and come up with a positive plan of action to clean up Wakefield and make it a shining example for other towns and cities to follow.

Roger Holmes

Walton lane