Great team that will never be forgotten

Hanging in my house is a wonderful Express photograph, taken exactly 14 years ago when I was the mayor of Wakefield.

It was taken on the day Derek Turner brought along his Wakefield Trinity Wembley team, plus reserves and some former players to the town hall for a most informal civic reception.

The photograph will always serve as a reminder of spending a few hours with a wonderful group of fine men.

As they left, they all shook hands with me after signing the visitors book.

All except poor Geoff Clarkson, who putting his arms round my neck, whispered: “Afraid you will never see me again, Norman.”

He died a few weeks later , such a brave man.

A sad feature of that photograph though is to note that, of the 20 players who attended that day, ten of them have now ‘passed on’.

They will be gone but will never be forgotten.

Norman J Hazell,

Woolgreaves Drive,