HS2 will ruin our village

As a resident of Crofton I have a great interest in the proposed HS2 rail project.

Crofton and surrounding villages are just one of the areas that will be totally decimated by the proposed high speed route and siting of a 25 hectare rolling stock depot 200m from local properties and directly on the site we are hoping to welcome the return of deep coal mining to West Yorkshire, so heralded by the press when planning permission was granted back in July this year.

Our area is not isolated in the effects on businesses, housing, antiquated road infrastructure, wildlife habitat, ancient woodland, disturbance of contaminated land, construction spoil sites on greenbelt land, light and noise pollution and construction and operation effects on centuries old reservoirs.

These are just some of the accumulative effects for just our rural communities and the eastern leg of HS2 has many logistical challenges but yet again we are seeing another re-launch of this project, with the realisation that the “connectivity” for our northern cities will not happen with HS2 in it’s present form and with the estimated cost constantly escalating with each new press release.

Therefore if “speed of travel” “connectivity” and “capacity” are no longer the buzz words for the HS2 eastern leg why continue re-launching a project with limited advantage to the public but with an almost unlimited escalation of cost?

Jayne Wilby

(Crofton and Neighbourhood Action Group)