Hypocrisy in politics

I think that the local MPs have selective memory. In last week’s Wakefield Express Mary Creagh said that a Labour Government would cut taxes to a 10p starting rate yet she forgets to say that the last Labour government, in the supposed ‘boom years’, put up that tax to 20p doubling the tax bill overnight. This hit the poorest people in society most while keeping the top rate, which benefitted the richest people, at 40p for the whole of the last government and only raised it to 50p a few weeks before the last election.

The Coalition have since reduced it to 45p. In their 1997 election manifesto they categorically stated that they would not introduce tuition fees and promptly went back on that pledge once in office. They are now calling for a reduction in that fee.

This same thing happened here with the post office closures. The local MPs voted to close the local post offices, but as soon as the constituents fought to save them and succeeded in some cases, the same MPs were there having their photographs taken as though they had been the ones who had saved them. Such hypocrisy.

The local councillors are no better. On the March 23 we received The Citizen, the Wakefield council propaganda paper which asked for views on plans for the Community Infrastructure Levy which had to be in by March 25. Plenty of time then. There is also an article on the new look Pugneys while at the same time a letter in the Wakefield Express refers to the council not being able to subsidise Pugneys any longer.

I have a good idea. Stop this waste of time paper and put the money to something that people actually want.


Sanderson Ave