Hypocrisy of Wakefield MP

I am astounded by the hypocrisy of our MP in her letter to the Express dated 16 January 2015.

Mary Creagh states: “We must save our NHS from Privatisation”.

Have you forgotten about the PFI fiasco, Mary? The Labour Government agreed 717 PFI (Private finance Initiative) contracts across the UK and their total capital value was £54.7 billion, but by the time they’re paid for the British taxpayer will have forked out £301bn.

Pinderfields and Pontefract PFI Hospitals cost £311 million to build but by time the contract runs out in 2042 the taxpayer will have paid £1.5236bn.

The Labour Party awarded the 35-year contract for Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals to Consort Healthcare, while Balfour Beatty and its shareholder partner the Royal Bank Projects Investment Ltd (RBPI Ltd) each had a 50 per cent of the shareholding.

RBPI Ltd has two shareholders and has assets of more than £53m and their shareholders fund is almost £34m.

Clearly the profit made from the sale of its stake in Pinderfields demonstrates and highlights the way in which these companies are fleecing our NHS and we in Wakefield Keep Our NHS Public condemn this legalised extortion.

You say: “PFI allowed us to build new hospitals across the country, including Pinderfields and Pontefract”, without adding to the national debt”.

In the words of Jim Royal “without adding to the national debt my arse.”

With regards to the Efford Bill, questions need answering regarding his bill.

1) Why the bill both removes the NHS from EU competition law in one section, and puts the NHS back under EU competition law in another.

2) Why the bill changes the definition of an NHS contract.

3) Why the Bill allows commissioners and providers to enter health services contracts without these being NHS contracts.

In regards to the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), this should be opposed in it’s entirety.

Mary appears to say in her letter that everything other than the health service should be subjected to free market policies (privatisation).

Many people in Britain want to see our services like rail, water, and all forms of energy back in public ownership!

Finally, I am tired of hearing people (in the Labour Party) saying we must oppose the privatisation by this Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition but on the other hand not talk about Labour privatisation.

Due to cuts in public services (privatisation) we are seeing a return to the living standards of the 1930s

Paul Turek

Wakefield Keep Our NHS Public.