I take my hat off to all at Unity Hall which is now Unity Works

I am old enough to remember Unity Hall as it was then as a concert venue.

I have been wracking my brain as to who I saw there in bygone days.

But a lot of wine has flowed since then and my 57 year old brain is not what it was .

On Saturday my daughter’s boyfriend was in a play in Wakefield and my wife and daughter went to see him perform.

I suggested we meet up afterwards in The Hop to watch the bands and have a few shandies.

But as I saw there was the Long Division launch on at Unity Works i decided to see for myself what it is like.

Well to everyone who worked, put money into and generally did anything to get this venue open - I take my hat off to you.

It is amazing, a fantastic mix of old and new. And as I stood there in a crowd with the bass thumping into my chest and making my jeans flap, it took me back oh... too many years to mention.

So off I went to The Hop which was full and I saw two excellent bands which proved one thing to an old bloke like me- the music scene in Wakey is alive and kicking so don’t stay in and add to Simon Cowell’s ratings, support your local music. And remembering the motto from years ago, “KEEP MUSIC LIVE” - it seems nothing has changed.

Lee Morgan

Meadowbrook Chase