Labour’s rose tinted NHS

The letter by MP Mary Creagh Express 12th January, Improvements in healthcare, is complete hypocrisy.

When Labour came to power in 1997 it set about privatising the NHS.

Unfortunately the NHS then had to work with a string of incompetents: Dobson, Milburn, Reid, Hewitt, Johnson and Burnham.

Just reading their names sends a chill down the spine of anyone who witnessed their individual farcical tenures of the job of Health Minister, especially Reid and Hewitt.

Johnson was a nonentity and Burnham completely out of his depth, and still is in shadow.

The NHS Re-instatement Bill is a backward waste of time, not least because it retains the Care Quality Commission, indeed widens its role.

The CQC is a politicised organisation not fit for purpose and should be abolished.

The rose tinted NHS of Labour’s blubbing never existed in reality. The hypocrisy of Labour on the NHS, which began with Bevan, (who in his own words: ‘Stuffed doctor’s mouths with gold’) ignores the fact the money to pay for, run and improve the NHS comes from capitalism not socialism.

That fact does not stop a more privatised NHS from being a good NHS and remaining free at the point of use. Mary Creagh’s political hero Clement Atlee was called a ‘sheep in sheep’s clothing’; an epithet that suits Mary Creagh equally as well.

Duncan L. Long

Coxley Crescent

Netherton Wakefield