Letter - A distorted sense of priorities for the disabled

Where are the prospects for young disabled people in Wakefield?

My son has recently left full time education and I am extremely disappointed at the lack of stimulating and worthwhile opportunities that are available.

In the last few years of his education he learnt and developed skills which could be utilised in meaningful, supported employment.

Instead, his days are spent passing the hours in accompanied activities, such as walking around the Ridings and bowling (well-intentioned but why is it always assumed that people with learning difficulties enjoy bowling!)

The closure of successful businesses, such as Remploy, indicates to me that the government does not place the priorities of the disabled very highly.

Many young people with learning difficulties also have attributes that could be enhanced and used positively in a work environment.

Where are the opportunities for my son and others like him so that they too can lead fulfilling lives and feel that they are a valuable part of society?

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