Letter - A message to a burglar

I WOULD like to ask you why you do what you do?

Why do you think it is okay for you to break into someone’s home and take what is not yours?

You don’t care about the upset you cause and the fear you leave in a child’s mind and even take their possessions and destroy a hard working family.

All you want is to finance your next spliff.

You don’t care because you are ‘amoral’.

But you won’t know the meaning of the word.

You obviously skipped school and left without any ambition and thought thieving was a good way to earn a living.

You not only steal from hard working families, you steal from children also.

You take their peace of mind and security from an early age.

You have no ambitions in life - you are drop outs of society - no ability to achieve.

But your day will come.

As time goes on you will not be able to jump over walls, smash garages, windows or doors. This will be due to your lifestyle catching up on you.

Your arthritic leg won’t be strong enough to kick down a door; your fingers too painful to pick a lock; your system will go into breakdown due to your drug taking.

You will end up with nothing and only yourself to blame.

You have upset people that I love and caused distress to children by your actions.

We will get on with our lives. You will end up in the gutter, but you won’t be looking at the stars.

A burglary victim