Letter - A refreshing take on travellers provides sharp contrast

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How refreshing to read on page five of last week’s Wakefield Express the comments of Carol Ogilvie Campbell who has lived next to the Heath Common Travellers Site for 13 years and doesn’t have any problem with the travellers who she says are very nice, helpful people.

This being informed opinion, in sharp contrast to the protestors from Sandal, Durkar, Crigglestone and Durkar who oppose the proposed travellers site on Durkar Low Lane.

Let us consider the plight of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey some two million in number living in makeshift homes without decent accommodation, food or medical attention. Also the victims of the terrible storm that hit The Phillippines leaving many people dead.

Are we a civilised society to deny a place to live to the travelling community on the basis of prejudice and ignorance of their chosen way of life?

Most travellers are Christians usually Roman Catholic. In this festive season of peace and goodwill to all men not just to some, perhaps it may be time for the protestors for some self-reflection.

May I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in particularly our brothers and sisters in the travelling community.

David Powell

Mount Crescent