Letter - Abortion still a taboo topic

MUCH has been said about Prime Minister Cameron’s speech on “Christian values”.

There appear to be many who concur with him that the UK is a Christian country.

If that assertion is to have any validity at all, Cameron’s speech needs to be put in to some rational context.

If the UK is a predominantly Christian society, then it is one with a rather large elephant in the room.

Namely, the hugely shameful topic that no-one dares talk about - abortion.

2012 marks the 45th year of legalised abortion in our country.

Since the passing of the Abortion Act 1967, something in the order of seven million “legal” terminations have been carried out.

That works out at in excess of 3,000 abortions every single week since legalisation.

How explicit and deliberate extermination of pre-birth humans can be contemplated, let alone enshrined into law in a “Christian” country, is an issue that most Christians and their nominal churches have avoided answering.

The truth is, alas, an unpalatable fact for most Christians.

Instead of applauding a practising agnostic’s idiotic assertions, they ought to re-acquaint themselves with the Ten Commandments.

Louis Kasatkin

Peterson Road