Letter - Admit HS2 mistake before it’s too late

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How much longer are we going to have to wait until this government comes to its senses with its proposals for the HS2 ?

In recent times we have been informed this government has scrapped the proposed national NHS computer scheme at a cost of £12bn.

Their proposals for creating a network of regional fire and rescue stations described as a ‘complete failure’ by The Public Accounts Committee cost the tax payer £469m.

Last week the same Public Accounts Committee reporting on the proposed HS2 stated that the Department of Transport are failing to present a ‘convincing strategic case’ and accused them of ‘using out of date data’ to support their case. They concluded their independent report by stating that ‘if you have £50 billion to spend on railways should it be spent on HS2? ‘ Clearly the committee have their own concerns and reservations about the proposed HS2.

The Treasury’s top civil servant Sir Nicholas Macpherson has publicly stated that there is ‘no blank cheque’ for HS2. The National Audit Committee have also expressed concerns warning that ‘the economic benefits of the project are unclear’.

How much longer does this government think the British tax payer will listen to their argument that this £50 million white elephant is vital to the future of the UK’s economy?

If this madness continues and we keep writing off billions of pounds on failed projects we could find ourselves joining the other ‘PIGS’ in Europe (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) facing even tighter more stringent public spending cuts and possibly facing bankruptcy.

Surely it’s time to waken up and face the facts accepting that no matter how impressive the proposed HS2 project may be we simply can’t afford it?

There is no shame in accepting that ‘we have got it wrong’ and the sooner David Cameron and his government acknowledge this the better the chance we have of avoiding joining the other ‘PIGS’.

Robert Burgess

Bannockburn Way