Letter - An unbalanced picture of the city

In agreeing with Bridget Sykes’ letter dated Friday, May 10, about ‘Another bit of city may be lost’ - that’s Brook Street.

When Trinity Walk was being built it looked fantastic, especially when the road and causeway was renewed. It looked very nice.

I thought, like all the traders in Brook Street, that Trinity Walk would be a massive advantage to all the shops on Brook Street.

But unfortunately this is not working out.

People who are shopping at Trinity Walk are ignoring Brook Street most times.

Whoever did the planning for Trinity Walk shops forgot about shops in that area.

They should have made the shops on the left of Teal Street with two entrances, back and front, leading into Brook Street, so people could move more freely.

The traders in Brook Street feel very strongly of being neglected. There’s nothing to draw shoppers to the street when they are going into Trinity Walk.

The best thing the council could offer is to extend some of the market stalls to Brook Street. This could help and bring more shoppers into Wakefield.

The city cannot lose anymore businesses to other towns or we will finish up as a ghost town. Wakefield already has too many empty shops.

I know times are hard and difficult now, but it won’t always be so.

We in Wakefield must look to the future.

John Wildie

Briar Grove