Letter - Are the royals really a cost-effective tourist attraction?

I refer to the letter from Keith Hardy of Netherton published on August 16.

Mr Hardy accuses Republic in Yorkshire of not getting our facts right with regard to the Royal family, I believe it to be the other way round.

Although the Queen may be very popular, she is hardly a reflection of the family as a whole and to say that she has very limited power is a misnomer that can easily be proved incorrect. Indeed your article pointing out that Prince Charles has had 38 private audiences with Ministers in the last two years certainly indicates to the falsehood of such a claim.

We Republicans are regularly told of the benefits to tourism, which again is blown out of the water by tourism statistics such as only one royal residence being in the top 20 attractions in Britain (Windsor Castle which is incidentally 13 places below Windsor Legoland).

I could give countless examples of the myth of monarchy perpetuated by palace PR and believed by people like Mr Hardy, if these are all proved to be incorrect will we, the British public, finally get the head of state our great county deserves?

Mark Sutton (Republic in Yorkshire)

Heys Buildings