Letter - Big Bike Ride was a great success

Wakefield District Cycle Forum, is a wholly voluntary organisation, created to promote cycling and to campaign for improved cycling infrastructure for all cyclists, and potential cyclists, in the Wakefield District.

We would like to offer a very big thank you to the organisers of last Sunday’s Wakefield Big Bike Ride which we hope will help to raise the profile of cycling in the district.

Throughout the year we lead rides for members of the public who want to return or start cycling but need to build their confidence. These rides are mainly on off-road tracks, as so many people are nervous of riding on the roads.

It is not difficult to find the reasons why people are reluctant to cycle on the road given the density, speed and close proximity of motor traffic. To give cyclists the opportunity to enjoy a traffic-free environment in the centre of the city, if only for one day, will help many new cyclists to build their confidence.

Some motorist may have been upset to find that a few roads were closed to them for this event but we hope they will understand that there is very little dedicated infrastructure for cyclists and giving them the freedom of the city centre for one day is a very small sacrifice for motorists to make.

We were pleased to see that Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, had the courage and foresight to hold this event.

Our hope is that this can become a regular event to demonstrate to cyclist that they are welcome in Wakefield.

Sandy Clark


Wakefield District Cycle Forum