LETTER: Brexit has become a fiasco


Brexit has become a fiasco. But it didn’t need to be. Parliament has 650 MPs but only about 150 of them really want to leave.

The remaining 500 don’t and, despite what they might claim about accepting the result of the referendum, in truth they just don’t want to be seen frustrating the process. Some are even actively attempting to sabotage it.

But Theresa May’s handling of negotiations has been appalling from the start. Firstly, painting herself into a corner in her initial speech on Brexit by ruling out certain options. She activated the Article 50 process before she needed to do and then appointed a well documented, arch-Euro-federalist civil servant, to do the negotiating.

Let’s be clear here, it is better for the UK to leave the EU with a mutually beneficial trade arrangement. BUT, that does not and cannot mean, a customs union with the EU. Jeremy Corbyn’s policy is exactly that. It is a policy that should be named, ‘EU Minus’. It is the same as being in the EU but with no MEPs and no votes.

As to our local MPs? Mary Creagh promised the electorate that she would respect the result of the referendum and fight to get us the best deal, even though she admitted she wouldn’t be in the governing party.

What Brexit has shown us is the dearth of talent in Westminster.

Tony J Homewood, Ossett