Letter - Bucket load of quality schools

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YET another criticism of my letters, brings up the old chestnut – Mrs Thatcher.

In the letter (Express, June 1) Janet Holmes refers to the schools during the Thatcher years as hardly a school in the country that didn’t have a leaking roof with buckets strategically placed to catch the water. Were these schools built during Mrs Thatcher’s term of office?

Mrs Holmes refers to the majority of schools in the country being in a poor condition thirty or so years ago.

Yet, quite a number of schools in Ossett and Horbury were built around one hundred years ago and are still in use.

Whereas one school built in Horbury in 1962 had to be replaced at a cost of several million pounds.

The schools built one hundred years ago obviously needed the occasional repair work but are still standing. They are Gawthorpe, Flushdyke, Southdale, Ossett Grammar School, Horbury Council School – now a junior school - and as I see it in pristine condition.

And at that time the churches built schools of which several are still in use.

How many of these schools needed buckets? We realise some of these schools have been refurbished but they didn’t need demolishing as they were built to last.

The mid 1960s and into the 1970s saw the “we will build homes for the people” mantra, when large concrete tower blocks were built and pulled down after a handful of years. Were schools built in this period?

This is by no means a political letter, particularly at the present time. And, yes, I voted but I would be hard-pressed to choose two good politicians from both government and opposition. Baa, baa, baa.

Not surprisingly, only about half of the electorate turn out to vote and even less turn out to the council voting. Is this democratic?

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street