Letter - Bus passengers should keep their feet on the floor

I HAVE a couple of bones to pick with the company Arriva through the pages of the Express.

A few months ago Arriva took receipt of a fleet of super new buses for the 110 route.

One thing I and a number of other people noticed was that some people had got into the habit of putting their feet on the rear-facing seats at the back.

Often when you got on, you’d see dirty footmarks on the seats. I wrote to Arriva suggesting that a well-positioned sticker could be placed on these seats asking people not to put their feet on the seat, similar to the ‘No Smoking’ sticker. I received a telephone call from Arriva saying that a large number of people had suggested this, and they were going to take it on board.

So what happened? Well, so far, a somewhat ineffectual poster on the staircase, too far to the front to be seen, asking people to respect one another. Too subtle.

Smoking is treated seriously, with no-nonsense signs; this requires dealing with in the same way.

A friend of mine recently asked a driver on an Arriva bus why the heaters appeared to be on in hot, humid weather. He was told by the driver that the heating is switched on in hot weather to “assist in the cooling of the engine.”

How crazy is that? I though diesel engines had an in-built cooling system for this very purpose.

So far, no sign of these stickers and many buses remain uncomfortably hot.

Any comments, Arriva?

John Roberts

St John’s Court

St John’s

Colin Newbury, operations director of Arriva Yorkshire, responded: “We would like to take this opportunity to reassure Mr Roberts that a sticker is being produced and is currently with our printers.

“We are committed to providing the best possible service for our passengers and we take on board their views and suggestions and act wherever possible.

“We are in agreement that customers should not put their feet on the seats and we hope that these stickers will go some way to stop it happening.

“We are also working on a communications exercise involving our Arriva Angels to help stop the habit and we wonder whether Mr Roberts would like to kick start it by applying the first sticker and becoming the face of our campaign.

“We would ask Mr Roberts to contact Michelle Cooper in our communications department on 01924 231300.

“In response to Mr Roberts’ query regarding heating on buses this sometimes happens due to buses leaving the depot on cold mornings and requiring the heaters to be on.

“We have reminded our drivers to bear this in mind on warm afternoons and check that the heating is turned off.”