Letter - Car drivers fear for their safety

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr Crowther’s comments about the condition of the roads around the city.

I live north of the city in Stanley and every single road that I use on a day to day basis is in serious need of attention.

I regularly use Bolus Lane leading from the main A61 Leeds road down to join Newton Lane and I simply can’t believe the state of the road surface.

Another road I regularly use is North Avenue which runs behind Pinderfields Hospital and has quite high volume traffic trying to avoid the conjestion on the A642. Aberford Road, which seems to become static around 8.45am. Again this road is disgustingly bad.

I have touched on two quite minor roads here but take a look at the main A61 Leeds Road around the junction of Meadowvale Road which leads to the largest supermarket in the area and, again, this road is atrocious.

It is a main road connecting Wakefield and Leeds and a most important bus route between these two cities. Surely someone should be taking notice and making headway into resolving these issues.

Like most other road users I pay my Road Tax and I feel it is not too much to expect a decent standard on the roads that I pay for.

I am aware that we have seen plans in The Express for roads which have been identified as requiring repair on a sliding scale of importance but when will these works start because, quite frankly, I don’t see any evidence of any work commencing.

I am sure I am not the only person driving who fears for the safety of myself and my car when negotiating these hazardous highways.

Eileen Holroyd

Lake Lock Road