Letter - Car parking equals council profits

In response to Coun Box getting himself in the Daily Mail as a self-righteous hypocrite who makes a profit for the council out of penalising his voters and closing shops.

Car park fees are not for doing other things than making huge profits. It is also a fact that some are contracted out to private pirates.

I read several articles this week on parking while on holiday in the Lake District. What made it more relevant is that here the car parks are 24/7 and around £1.50 an hour. And no concessions for disabled. I wonder how the OAPs in these villages manage.

I parked in only one town where for 20p I could do half an hour’s shopping. For the rest I passed them by after checking the rates and did my shopping at Morrison and Booths.

The village shops got nothing. When they start complaining about shops closing and no work they can ask their councillors why. I did pay a reasonable £1.20 in Grange so I could take my disabled partner for a meal and there was at that time plenty of disabled spaces.

I am not paying £3 for two hours parking anywhere. I have a Blue Badge but do not object to a reasonable charge. As we have seen, the councils of all hues are making a huge profit which is not what charges are for.

To be fair North Yorkshire is just as bad and so is Devon and Cornwell. If you keep in mind how many OAPs retire to these places and how little public transport runs at the weekend you wonder how little the councils think of the people who pay their inflated expenses.

I wonder how many more like me do the same. To put it bluntly for Wakefield. I come in about twice or three times a year now. If I have to I go to Asda and Aldi at Crigglestone.

The business leaders could have halted some of the excesses but were supine and now half the shops are closed and the market in both towns is a waste of space. Barnsley and Bury are now the only proper markets around.

Martin Fletcher

Savile Close