Letter - City centre green space is great

On Friday June 8 it stated in the Wakefield Express - The City Centre green space: what do you think?

I know that area has had quite a lot of roadworks for about ten months but I would like to congratulate Wakefield Council, and especially the deputy leader Coun Denise Jeffery, for the arrangement at Castrop-Rauxel Square.

The design and planning will make a vast improvement to the north of Wakefield, especially around the city war memorial and the Queen Victoria monument.

When the statue of Queen Victoria was moved from the Bull Ring to make room for the fountains, I thought out of sight, out of mind.

Now the new coronation gardens on the Castrop-Rauxel Square includes the war memorial plus benches for people to relax on.

I would like to see two things. It would be nice to see the war memorial light up at night time with flood lights, like the Bull Ring has now.

I also hope Coun Jeffery invites councillors from Wakefield’s twinned town, Castrop-Rauxel in Germany, to the official opening in September.

John G K Wildie

Briar Grove