Letter - City’s retailers are fighting back

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How refreshing to read in last week’s edition a letter of such importance to our city.

M. Hood wrote with passion about our city centre and its dedicated retailers.

As an business owner here for 25 years we have seen so many retailers come and go, many for economic reasons way beyond their control.

Our city has survived the worst of the economic downturn and it’s coming out of the other side thanks to independent shop owners investing in their premises and opening new ones, sometimes risking everything to succeed.

All that we ask is a chance, a chance to offer services that far exceed the reach of the internet, a chance to provide a shopping experience that the people of Wakefield should expect and deserve.

Our city is fighting back with independent retailer power, giving choice and service that the generic large ‘glass tower’ multiples cannot.

It’s a simple message really, use us or lose us.

I urge the good people of Wakefield to shop locally, shop with your local independents and keep that revenue within the local economy, where we all will benefit.

Shaun Harvey

Harveys Jewellers

Cross Square