Letter - CO2 pollution is our ‘great friend’

The letter in the Express of April 25: ‘Pollution has been ignored’, finished with the statement: ‘Stop all the pollution going into the atmosphere. Now.’

I would argue the exact opposite. ‘Pollution’ in the form of CO2 is our great friend and certainly not something to be diminished or reduced.

The more we can produce of it the better. CO2 ‘pollution’ produces not only rapid crop growth, but jobs, industry and wealth.

This, in turn, brings better education, healthcare and freedom across the world.

It’s very inconvenient for people with Mr Wildie’s climate change delusions, but the earth was far warmer during medieval times when man’s ability to ‘pollute’ was nil.

We delude ourselves if we think man can affect the climate. If you build a house near a river or on a cliff, don’t blame my or anybody else’s CO2-rich lifestyle, if it floods or collapses into the sea.

The Earth has suddenly become ‘worringly warmer’ for no other reason than it keeps the population pliant to be more world-governed, controlled and taxed than the reality; that the climate does what it wants, when it wants.

Duncan Long

Coxley Crescent