Letter - Corporate greed will destroy our park

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A housing estate is not appropriate at the heart of our beautiful park.

There have to be alternative uses such as other institutions who can use the same buildings and ones that would be no more obtrusive than the present Thornes House School.

It is important that the alternative use should also not require a public road built through the park. It is all too easy to destroy what people value about the park.

In recent years Wakefield College have made considerable amounts of money from property development. There were hundreds of houses built on their land at Whitwood. In Thornes Park 30 houses have been built on the site of the former Construction Department which was adjacent to the Horbury Road entrance.

If you take into account the problems and the costs associated with the proposed development in Thornes Park, cost of demolition, building a long access road, etc., the actual amount of money that would be realised from the sale would be a drop in the ocean compared to the budget for Wakefield College or the cost of a university.

If the management of Wakefield College cared about the city they would not be putting the future of our park in jeopardy. It would seem as though the city is being asked to lose their park due to corporate greed.

We can only ask our councillors, and in turn Wakefield Council, not to let this happen.

Paul Archer

Denby Dale Road