Letter - Could Crofton be the key to HS2 link?

Whilst I am a supporter of HS2, I am very disappointed that Wakefield will get virtually no benefits from it as current proposals stand.

This is in spite of the fact that the route crosses the Metropolitan District from south to north. The Metropolitan District will get the benefit of the proposed Maintenance & Cleaning Depot at Crofton and, possibly, some extra trains on the ‘classic’ route to Kings Cross.

If people in Wakefield wish to use HS2 to London or Birmingham they would have to get an ordinary train from Wakefield to Leeds, then change to the separate HS2 station for their journey south. This would

add about another 35 minutes to their journey, as well as adding another change of both station and train, for a saving of only 5-10 minutes.

However, by building a short spur at Crofton, connecting Wakefield Kirkgate to the Hare Park line and the HS2, passing north-south at this point, a direct link to HS2 can be provided from Wakefield.

HS2 already plans a junction at this point to serve the Maintenace & Cleaning Depot proposed for Crofton. Thus, works are already planned in the area.

Such a link could also be used by trains originating in Bradford and Halifax (as Grand Central do today) and Huddersfield and Mirfield. It would open HS2 services to much of West Yorkshire.

May I command support for my proposal to Wakefield City Council and to the general public of Wakefield.

D Scott Hellewell

Edelshain Grove