Letter - Criticism of MPs ‘turned my stomach’

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When I read Paul Dainton’s letter in the June 6 edition airing his political opinions, my stomach turned.

It was an unsubstantiated rant.

None of the MPs pictured in that article were involved in the expenses scandal and I have personal experience of the difference a good local MP can make to her constituents.

Mary Creagh with the help of Ed Balls and our MEP Linda McAvan listened to us, to the Express readers and the #TimeForTheTruth petition.

They stood up for us, Christi and Bobby’s parents, ordinary working-class people, and helped us secure Legal Aid Funding.

It was a long, hard fight not least because the Conservative Party have all but destroyed the Legal Aid system in Britain.

Mr Dainton quite clearly cannot recognise a good, hardworking, honest and progressive MP when he sees one.

Sharon Wood

Mother of Christi and Bobby Shepherd