Letter - Debate over UKIP policies

I have done some research on UKIP’s policies.

It would seem that they are the rich man’s party, as they want to cut out inheritance tax, which will cost the country £3bn. They also want to cut Corporation Tax which will also cost billions of £s. They only want one rate of income tax, which means the rich will not pay as much by a long chalk, and the rest will pay more.

They propose an increase in military spending of 40% just when the present government have had to cut every department of government drastically to get the deficit down, and it will take another parliamentary term to reduce the deficit to a manageable amount. They want another three aircraft carriers and crew - say another £8bn.

They want a Grammar School in every town. What will this cost?

They also want to deport one million immigrants. At what cost?

They are not proposing to build any affordable houses for those who are on current housing waiting lists.

Just as the British economy is turning the corner, they want to take us out of Europe with whom we presently do business to the tune of £92bn each year. How many jobs are we going to lose - current estimate 3,000,000!

Alec Metcalfe

Queen’s Crescent


Nathan Garbutt, UKIP Wakefield chairman (pictured), said: “It is unfortunate you haven’t given further examination to our policies, as the accusation that UKIP is “a rich man’s party” is misguided. Here’s why.

1. Inheritance tax is not a tax on the rich as it is not the rich who pay it. The super wealthy are able to avoid paying it via all sorts of legal means; trust funds, to off shore accounts or even giving it away before you actually die.

2. It is simply incorrect to say cutting corporation tax would cost the exchequer billions. We are living in a globalised world where companies can relocate.

3. Everyone earning below £50k would receive a tax cut under UKIP, the lower you earn, the bigger the tax cut. Indeed, the super rich would be paying much more: currently they can get away with paying about 3 per cent of their income in tax. UKIPs policy would mean they pay 10 times that.

4. UKIP oppose the defence cuts and we propose this increase to fill the budgetary black hole left by a decade of needlessly inhumane foreign wars.

5. We’re not against building new homes where they are demanded but we insist on protecting the green belt and using the thousands of empty properties first.

6. Your £92bn and 3m jobs figures are simply untrue. Jobs are not dependent on political union, they are dependent on trade.

How UKIP would pay for this? We would do so by leaving the EU which costs £54m a day, and we would also cut foreign aid.